We are proud to make cakes, biscuits, cookies, toasts and other pastry products, reaching 71 countries.

Danesita Brand awareness and the variety of portfolio are an added value for consumers.
In our large portfolio you can find Bakery products, made with the best ingredients and technologies.

We are one of the few brands that can offer such an extensive range of products, with such an extensive types of technology, ranging from cakes, swiss rolls, biscuits, puff pastry, lady fingers, crackers, toasts, butter cookies, cookies in general.

Innovation has always been present in Danesita: we were the first ones to introduce industrially produced bakery products in the domestic market in Portugal.
Our constant Innovation and recipes improvements are made in close partnership with our suppliers to address consumer trends and the specificities of the different markets.

We know that customized solutions for the different distribution channels are key to boost sales so we developed a full range of options for club stores, convenience stores, Hiper & Supermarkets and Discounters.

Butter Cookies

Cookies and Biscuits

Single Serve


Swiss Rolls

One of our most important values is the partnership for life! 68% of our sales are done with customers that have been with us for more than 5 years.

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